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HJJS Fishing Pliers (Air-Craft Grade Aluminum) and Fish Gripper (Stainless Steel) in a Combined Set of Fishing Tools

HJJS Fishing Pliers (Air-Craft Grade Aluminum) and Fish Gripper (Stainless Steel) in a Combined Set of Fishing Tools

Price: $39.99 - $23.99

Admirable products that are worthy to be considered by any fishing devotees just like you! Simply because:

● Our products are light weighted and applied with durable anti-rust coating against humid and salty environment.

● All our products have elegant outlooks which also fit the state of ergomic design.

● The nylon of pouch of pliers has a merit of carrying both flexible rope and leather clip which can aim to prevent the pliers from falling out or even lost.

● The pliers possesses many functions acting as fishing line cutter, fish hook remover, fish holder and the like.

● The fish grabber carries with a measuring tape and a scale itself, so the length and weight of fishes can be measured instantly and conveniently.


Fish Gripper:
Mayerial – Air-carft grade aluminum
Length – 2.8inches/7.1cm
Weight – 7.0oz/0.2kg

Fishing Pliers:
Mayerial – Stainless steel
Length – 9.8inches/24.8cm
Weight – 3.5oz/0.1kg

1 * fishing pliers
1 * fish gripper

Friendly Tips
The fishing tool should be thoroughly cleaned with fresh water. By doing so, its period of durability may well be prolonged.

Refund Guarantee
HJJS Fishing Tools Provides an unconditional refund guarantee up to 30 days after of purchase.Durable and Multi-functional Usages – The pliers delivers excellent corrosion resistance, keep long lasting anti-rust nature even fishing in the sea always.
Multi-functional Usages – The pliers completes with Tungsten Carbide fishing line cutter, split ring and Titanium-coated stainless steel fish hook remover.
Protective Shield – Each pliers is provided and cased with a nylon pouch and elastic tying straps.
Measuring Functions – The fish lip gripper carries with precise measuring tape and scale. They can measuring the fish up to 39 inches/1m and 40 pounds/15kg in weight.
Easy to Handhold – Well designed fish grabber enables to grab fishes sreadily. Also, the EVA-made hand grip ensures the holder with very good sense of handholding and able to avoid risk of hand slip even under wet condition.