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LUCKY Wireless Fish Finder Portable Handheld Fishfinder Sonar Sensor Transducer Anti-UV LCD Display Depth Finders for Kayak, Boat, Float Tube, Canoes Fishing

LUCKY Wireless Fish Finder Portable Handheld Fishfinder Sonar Sensor Transducer Anti-UV LCD Display Depth Finders for Kayak, Boat, Float Tube, Canoes Fishing

Price: $99.00 - $60.59

Product description:
The wireless fish finder designed for both amateur fish hunters and professional fish hunters. It is worth owning fishing on Kayak, Boat, Float Tube, Canoes

Multi ways to use the fish finder for various environments:
1.For kayak fishing
.Attach sonar sensor transducer to your fishing line, then cast it into water.

2. For ice fishing
Dig a hole on the ice. Put the sensor transducer into hole and make sure two poles of sonar touches water.

3. Shore fishing:
.Attach sonar sensor to your fishing line then cast it into water
.Sonar sensor is attached to fishing line on fishing rod and cast sensor into water.

Sonar Frenquency:125KHz
Sonar Beam Angle:90 degree
Depth Capability:3ft(0.9m)-130ft (40m)
Power Requirement:4*AAA batteries(not included)
Wireless Operating range:393 ft(120m)
Operating temperature:-20ºC ~ 70ºC (4ºF ~ 21ºF)
Backlighting: Green LED
Measure unit: Meter/Feet

Package included:
1* Fish Finder
1* Wireless sonar sensor
1* Antenna
1* CR2032 cell battery
1* English manual

1.Dry the sonar sensor transducer after fishing and it will prolong sensor lifetime.
2.Wireless sonar sensor is waterproof ,however, the hand held is not( please do not submerge or spray water on the fish finder.)
3.The wireless fish finder can’t distinguish fish size, however, you could judge fish size by adjusting the sensitivity of handheld fishfinder at water quality good area.
4.Sonar senor couldn’t work as normal if the ice thickness beyond 12 inch.
5.Staring up the depth finders, press on the “ENTER” key for 5 second can switch depth measurement unit M/FT.
6. It doesn’t display fish bait and fish size less than 10 cm on Anti-UV LCD display.
WIRELESS: Wireless fish finder operation distance is 393ft(120m). Compared to other fishfinder, it gives you greater range to fish. Meanwhile, it will shut down when operation distance is beyond 393ft. Tether sonar sensor to the fishing line or fishing rod, then cast it into water as far as you can. Sonar sensor transducer will work automatically as soon as it touches the water.
DATA DISPLAY: The handheld fishfinder can detect and display water depth, rocks, short & tall weeds and bottom contour. It also displays approximate fish location. You can freely choose water depth measurement unit either in meter or in feet. Fish alarm setting will alert you when schools of fish appear.
PORTABLE: It is a handheld fishfinder just like your smart phone. You can easily put it in your pocket, or hang it around neck. Sonar sensor transducer detects depth distance is up to 130ft(40m). The detection range is in a 90º beam angle that offers a wider view to find fishes. Operation water temperature is from -20ºC to 70ºC (4ºF ~ 21ºF)
LONGER CONTINUOUS WORKING TIME: Put brand new batteries in the haldheld fishfinder and the transducer, and it will work 3 to 4 hours continuously. Battery save mode can make the working time even longer. The Anti-UV LCD display is visible in the night by the help of backlight design.
WIDE APPLICATION: The depth finders can be used on fishing boat, portable boat, canoe, kayak and float tube. When fishing on a moving boat, the speed of the boat should be below 5 mph. It is also a good choice for ice fishing, sea fishing ,turbid fishing and river fishing.